The Single Woman: Why Is She Alone?

why is she alone cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward


As promised, we’re talking about all kinds of love leading up to Valentine’s Day. Including the love of being single. Or at least the appreciation of it.

And self-love.

In this cartoon, a woman sits in a church surrounded by people wondering:

Why is she alone?
She doesn’t look half bad. Must be her personality.
She needs to meet our Joey.
She must be gay. Maybe.
She’s probably too picky.
Must be a widow. Sad.
Poor thing not to love or be loved.
Maybe if she lost a few pounds.
A bitch, likely.
I wonder what’s wrong with her.
Poor thing. How does she manage?
Well she IS wearing a pantsuit and we all know what that means.

I know and have known many single women.

(Even this is a funny thing to say!)

Sure, some of them wish they were in a relationship.

But most of them were happy with themselves. Loved themselves.

And none of them would ever settle.

They’re strong, independent, compassionate, and inspiring people.

Who don’t need a partner. Even though many would be happy with one.
But a good one.

Goes for men too.

But in my experience women are the primary targets of this kind of thinking.

Any women here agree?

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