The Unforgivable Sin: Have You Blasphemed Against the Holy Spirit

I get comments from people who just can't believe my stories. If they would bother reading the comments of people who've experienced the same as I have, then maybe they wouldn't be so skeptical.

As I grew up in the church, this verse was one of the bible verses that terrified me the most.

the unforgivable sin have you blasphemed against the holy spirit cartoon nakedpastor david hayward

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Because no one KNOWS what it means. When you read or hear peoples' theories, you must realize they are all guesses. No one KNOWS what blaspheming against the Holy Spirit means. And no one KNOWS why, out of all the "sins" in existence, this one is the only one that is unforgivable.

Of course, I, being the diligent disciple that I was, desired to please God completely one hundred percent of the time. But I never knew if I was successful. 

I even remember anxiously talking to my pastor about it. His response was basically, "Well David you never know, do you? You'll just have to stay on your toes at all times!"

And he had me! Right where he wanted me. An obsessively obedient and submissive servant who could never do enough for his master.

Am I alone here?

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Love you. guy comes along and says what he thinks and people are confused. ok maybe it was lost in translation. Jesus accused by temple folks of being evil.He says no way – evil comes from evil. What you’re saying is that a good man doing good is evil. yeah. that kind of blasphemy is totally unforgivable. This isn’t about me , you can say shit about me and be forgiven, but when you’re outright lying about stuff that you know is intentionally hurting and denying love, and kindness and calling it evil, that is just so much crap. Those words stay with you, they define you. – Hope this helps


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