the wrong reasons to go to church

"The Wrong Reasons to Go to Church" (cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward) I read recently where someone still feels a tinge of guilt for not going to church years after leaving it. It takes a long time to kick old habits. The hardest part about kicking addictions is not the behavior itself, but our need for it. What is the need behind the alcohol? The tobacco? The TV? The sex? Etcetera. Once we recognize that it was guilt that motivated our going to church, then we can address that issue of guilt, learn that we are not guilty, and then let the sense of guilt evaporate. Then, perhaps, we can build a new and healthy way of relating to ourselves first, then others, then, if we want, a church. Rather than being motivated by guilt, fear, shame or duty, we can be motivated by love and free will. I left the ministry and the church four years ago. I have visited a few churches. There are no negative motivations. I go just because I want to. newsletter    art     community     books
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