There's a Reason Why You Experience Life as a Cross

Yes, this is an older cartoon, but a favorite. I'm sharing it again. You know, I should compile a new book on the 100 best of nakedpastor and why I drew them. I've been cartooning since 2006 so it would be a challenge to groom them all down to just 100, but I think that would be a fun project. So, about this cartoon: Many philosophers, not just theologians, view the cross as a powerful symbol of human experience. For we have in one image the intersection of the horizontal and vertical… the experience of overwhelming struggle in this life, and the overwhelming feeling of life without God. In one symbol is encapsulated the idea of abandonment both by the world and by God. The gospels portray Jesus as fully human… committed to extreme truth, extreme compassion, and therefore extreme authenticity. And he paid for it with his life. Taking up the cross, therefore, to me, means being exactly this. Whether you believe the story of Jesus is historically accurate or a well developed mythology, the message is truthful and clear: if you live like Jesus you may very well end up like him too. Like Frankl, I think it is impossible to find meaning in our suffering, but that we can seek to find meaning in the midst of it. This, for me, captures the real struggle of humanity. I guide people through the process of deconstruction as they transition towards spiritual independence. Read about it here and reach out to me if you want.
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