Think For Yourself Be By Yourself

"Think For Yourself Be By Yourself" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

Description: People are leaving a woman behind. One says, "Fine! You want to THINK for yourself, you have to BE by yourself too!"

I didn’t choose my loneliness. But it certainly is a result of my choices.

I chose to submit no longer to the spiritual authority of others or conform to the group. I fought for my spiritual independence. I wanted to walk my own spiritual path and find my own spiritual land.

This is your right and responsibility and reward too.

The group informed me that I no longer belonged. I had betrayed my citizenship. I was a traitor. My passport was revoked. I was denied the access and privileges I once enjoyed.

Unless I surrendered my rights. Unless I submitted to it all over again.

It wasn’t me who told me I was no longer welcomed. It wasn’t me who unfriended me. It wasn’t me who cut off all communications with my former friends. It wasn’t me who banished me to a spiritual no-man’s land to fend for myself.

I took a stand and the crowd that used to surround me abandoned me.

Some say I abandoned them. No! They abandoned me when I stood for myself.

I chose to be independent. They said, “You want to be independent? Fine! But that means you also have to be alone.”

Many of you know what I’m talking about.

You are lonely not because you are a loser or unfriendly or undesirable or because you deserve it. You are lonely because you made a wise and healthy choice! But, like healthy food, it costs you extra. You could eat what everybody else is eating, but you know this is not best for your spiritual health. You can gather where everyone else is gathering, but you know you would have to surrender too much.

We are spiritual refugees. But we can’t have it any other way if we choose independence.

I’m glad we can gather here online, meet up with other refugees, get encouraged, gather more resources, and strengthen our resolve to stick by our decision to take care of ourselves.

Peace, my independent friends!

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