To Abuse the Body of Christ is to Abuse Christ

Here we continue our meditations on spiritual abuse.

When I first posted this older cartoon it caused outrage against non-affirming believers and churches. Like many of my cartoons.





Description: A very beat up and wounded Jesus is supported by an LGBTQIA+ rainbow sheep. Another sheep asks, "What happened to him?" The rainbow sheep says, "He stood between me and the Church!"

Simply, they do not appreciate it when their own theology is turned on them to prove that they don't live up to it themselves.

According to what I think is good Christian theology, the body of Christ IS Christ.

We are the embodiment of Christ. So that when we are abused, Christ himself is abused.

But when people other than themselves are included in the body of Christ, they resist, rebel, and reject.

This cartoon would only further communicate this good Christian theology that Jesus was protecting not only himself but all of us... all those he loves... without exception.

This cartoon is called "He Stood Between Me and the Church".


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