Want to See My Very First LGBTQ+ Cartoon? "The Closeted Gay Pastor"

the closeted gay pastor cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward

A group of people are talking to their pastor: "Pastor, the Spirit has revealed to us that there's a gay person in our church!" The pastor thinks to himself, "What will they do when they find out it's me?"

This is the very first LGBTQ+ cartoon I ever drew... in July of 2007. Wow! A long time ago. This was the first of many. Actually, I have a book with a lot of them in it called "The Art of Coming Out" on Amazon. And many of my LGBTQ+ cartoons are shared around the world online, on prints, originals, tees, mugs, and more! I'm very proud of this and it makes me happy to spread the good news.


Imagine the fear this poor pastor must feel!

I know for a fact that many of you don't have to imagine. You know exactly what this fear feels like.

I love you, and you have my heart... and many here can say the same thing.

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