What Happens When You Develop a Mind of Your Own?

Have you ever felt this way? Have you got the message that maybe there was something seriously wrong with you? Did people really think that maybe something had snapped inside your head? Did some people suggest that maybe you should see a doctor? Or get prayed over to cast out demons? Did they hope you'd get better soon? This has happened to me. BUT... listen‚ It's an attempt to control you, keep you, and slot you. Often, on the surface, this concern is motivated by love. But, beneath this so-called love is often fear. They're afraid of no longer being able to protect you, of not being able to control you, of losing you. They're afraid. It's fear. Your independence is a threat to their habitual and comfortable codependence. Develop a mind of your own and see what happens. Want a safe space to develop a mind of your own? Check out The Lasting Supper!
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