What it's Like to be a Spiritual Refugee

What it's Like to be a Spiritual Refugee

"Spiritual Refugee" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

Refugees are brave. Desperate and brave.

If you're a spiritual refugee, you're brave too. Desperate and brave. 

You didn't choose the isolation you're experiencing. Yes, you've changed your beliefs and/or left the church. But you didn't ask for the loneliness.

But it certainly is a result of your choices. You chose to no longer submit to the spiritual authority of others. You wanted to be safe. You sued for your own spiritual independence. You wanted to walk your own spiritual path and find your own spiritual home. 

That's your right and responsibility.

The ramification of that is that those in authority informed you that you are no longer a citizen of their country. You betrayed your citizenship. Your passport to their club is revoked. You are denied its access and privileges. You are banished.

Unless you surrender your rights and submit to them again.

You didn't want this. But if you want to be spiritually independent, it seems that being banished is the only option.

You express your loneliness, and friends and family who stood with you say, But YOU'RE the one who left!

You know what I'm talking about.

You are lonely not because you are a loser or unfriendly or unpleasant or unlikeable. You are lonely because you made a wise and healthy choice! And like healthy food, it costs more. You can eat what everybody else is eating, but you know that this is not best for your spiritual health. You can join where everyone else is joining, but you know you would have to surrender too much.

You are a spiritual refugee. It's not easy, but the new life and freedom and possibilities make it worth while!


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