When a Woman Shares Her Story Online

"When a Woman Shares her Story Online" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

Description: A woman is on her laptop typing "I just want to tell you my story. So here goes..." and the responses are cruel and bullying, like, "You have no proof!" "That's just your version!" "You're just causing trouble!" "You're not being very nice!" "Typical woman!" and much more, including "You're being a bitch!"

I know a LOT of women who have received these kinds of responses.

Believe me, I've seen it firsthand even when a woman only comments on one of my posts and shares her story.

They get crucified.

I'm talking with a young woman today who just shared her story online and was so attacked that, well, she needs to talk with me and work through it.

Women don't even need to be making any ideological or theological points. They only need to tell their story.

That's all it takes to provoke a massacre of their spirit.

If you think I'm making something out of nothing then you're head's up something else of yours.

I call it out whenever I can.

I also delete such comments if they occur on my posts.

So should you. 

Let's not give a platform to hate.

It doesn't deserve it.


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