When Theology Divides

theology ball and chain cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward

Four people are trying to reach out to each other but can't because they are being held back by a ball and chain titled, "My Theology".

I consider the story of the tower of Babel as a metaphor for how language separates and even divides us.

This translates to theology as well.

Theology can't unite us since we already are.

This is the misuse of theology:

1. It claims to be exclusively right. 

2. It requires everyone to fall in line.

3. This results in our dispersion.

It creates apparent division.

Good theology attempts to articulate the reality of the reconciliation of all things and tries to find helpful ways to make this clearer.

Good theology points to our essential unity.

It can't create what already exists.

It declares it.


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