Where did we learn our negative self-talk?

Ya, where did our negative self-talk come from?

I like this cartoon because the angels can't figure it out. Even though, as we learn from the fallen angel Lucifer, that they possess the capacity for evil.

God looks either embarrassed or guilty... embarrassed because he's not sure where they learned it, or guilty because he lead them to believe they were such.

The bible, a human creation, attempts to explain our capacity for evil that goes all the way back to the beginning of existence where we want what we can't have (the forbidden fruit) and jealousy (Cain and Abel)... which are the same thing.

Barth, probably my favorite theologian, emphasized for almost his whole career God's "No!" to humanity. Later in life though he softened and regretted not emphasizing more God's "Yes!" to humanity.

It's all a matter of emphasis!

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