Where Do People Go When the Whistle Blows?

This is my cartoon, "Whistle Blower".

whistle blower cartoon nakedpastor david hayward

Whistle-blowing is an interesting occupation.

Whistle-blowers usually always get a bad name. They're seen as trouble-makers; people who upset how things are done; nut jobs who threaten the status quo sometimes unnecessarily; ambitious, resentful and striving shit-disturbers who make life difficult and sometimes impossible for the smooth-running machine.

But after the dust settles and people see the atrocities that have been executed against the innocent and unsuspecting, they sometimes become our dark heroes.

Many of them have to go into hiding themselves because of the threats against them.

My question is: Where do the alleged accused go?

Suddenly, those who used to be the loudest are immediately silent, abruptly gone, and unexpectedly hidden.

Now is the time to come forth, to be honest, to confess, to repent, apologize and make amends.

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