Why I Adore Our Diverse and Free Community

The deep end of love and why I love this community. It goes without saying that this has been one crazy year. But one of the great things from 2020 is how the NakedPastor community is developing.

the deep end of love cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward


I love us so so much, and I want you to know the reasons why.

  1. We are unique. There’s no one like us. Really.
  2. We are free and learning together how to live accordingly.
  3. We are open, expressing ourselves in vulnerable and honest ways.
  4. We are diverse. There are all kinds of us and I think it’s amazing.
  5. We are spread across the belief spectrum from atheist to believer.
  6. We are respectful of both faith and doubt because these are processes.
  7. We are agreed that we should keep this space as safe as possible.
  8. We are all allowed to use our voice (except those who try to silence ours).
  9. We are supportive of one another as we've experienced in our discussions.
  10. We are incredible human beings who want to love and be loved.

It just proves to me all over again, like in the last church I pastored, that if you cultivate authentic community, you will indeed experience it and enjoy it.

And this is what we’re doing.

Which is why I love us.
Which is why I love you!

Let’s all hope together that 2021 is a better year.

I really do love you all, and I can feel your love for me.

Thanks so much, beloved, for hanging out with me and with the NakedPastor community.

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