Why It's Important To Heal From Spiritual Abuse

I care about the victims of abuse. Especially church and spiritual abuse. This is what I do. Too often I see people treat such victims with bandages rather than with the serious interior work that's required.

Even after the victim is removed from the abusive situation.
Even after the victim is recompensed for his or her pain and suffering.
Even after the perpetrator is punished.
Even after the victim is advised about new skills to move on.
Even after the trauma is over and done and history.

The victim must be given the opportunity and any available resources to heal the damage, the wounds, the trauma, the hurt, the pain, that is within.


This is my "Still Not Healed" cartoon.

They must be given voice.
They must be heard.
They must be understood.
They must be believed.
They must be supported and encouraged and empowered in every possible way so that they can assume their free, independent, and sovereign authority over their own lives and resume their lives in healthy ways.

I look forward to the day when churches stop using the bandage effect to cover up the symptoms of abuse and begin to deal with the real problem, and that's their propensity for abuse.

Bandages don't cure. They just cover.

Churches need to be healed within.

And people do too.

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