Women and Their Rights Over Their Own Bodies

womens bodies


Because of all that's happening, I'm going to spend some time addressing, through my cartoons and posts, what I think is the root of the problem...

Women's rights.

The men in this cartoon believe that they have rights over women's bodies, and that if women get those rights, they lose power over women.

Men who think this way are, in my opinion, cartoonish.

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I agree that most times men who make laws over women and women are been objectified by media and industries; but, I also think that when Roe v. Wade happened we were not as conscious as we are today that a fetus is not his/her mother’s body as it is formed of a different DNA. Mos psychologists and biologists recognize this as the first stage of human life and even recognize the possibility of receiving emotional traumas at this stage of life. This means it is not necessarily an issue of women’s rights, but of human rights to live. I also think the church shall not be sitting in the judgment sit over people considering abortion, saying you shall be pro-life. The church needs to provide services, programs, and help to those women that for some reason are thinking about abortion and then thought they will not do it. It’s easy to say ÿou shall not"without providing proper help and compassion for the infant and mother. For example promote better laws and protocols for adoption, programs in which churches get involved in helping that mother to fulfill her dreams while taking care of a baby, etc. Because of today’s law arrangement a fetus is not a citizen, none of us are until we are registered and have a social security number. Any other human, not registered under the law loses rights in the USA, including those who are citizens but then moved to territories like Puerto Rico (not been able to vote for president or congressmen or women). Children in a mother’s womb can’t vote, talk or protest; but many elderly people end up in the same situation. If we as a society decided to get rid of these elderly citizens because we are not willing or is complicated or costly to take care of them, we would be considered inhuman. Then at the beginning of the human life spectrum happens the same thing. Now I know some people will say: what about babies conceived as a result of a violation? I also think that it would be a women’s choice, that the church shall provide comfort and help no matter what the choice is; but I’ll ask: How many of the abortions practiced in the USA are caused by rape, and how many are caused by consent sexual intercourse? That’s an answer I’ve never heard. Blessings!


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