You Can't Predict Where Questioning Your Beliefs Will Lead You

Deconstruction (the changing of our beliefs, or the loss of faith, or leaving the church, or all the above)... IS traumatic.

As we enter it, we comfort ourselves by declaring there are some beliefs that are non-negotiable for us... like believing in Jesus or the existence of God or... whatever beliefs are most precious to you.

This is called whistling in the dark.

I always smile inside when someone shares their deconstruction trauma with me and they insist that they will never forsake this or that belief.

"Well, fasten your seatbelt!" I say.

I don't think it's wrong to make such declarations. Coping with trauma has many options.

But real growth must mean being stretched beyond what we have seen, what we've experienced, and what we know.

We don't have the thoughts or the words to describe where we have not yet been.

So... fasten your seatbelt!

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