The Journey of Letting Go of Religious Dogma

In every area of your life you’re allowed to realize that something you believe to be true actually isn’t. Then you’re allowed to let that belief go.

You did that with monsters under your bed.
You did that with Santa Claus (sorry if you’re just learning this now).
You did that with your parents being perfect.
You did that with your first love.
And so on and so on. 

What happened was fact won over fantasy.

You learned that monsters are a figment of your imagination. 
You learned that Santa Claus was your mom and dad.
You learned that your parents have struggles just like everyone else.
You learned that you can be betrayed by someone you love.

Reality always wins.

But… you’re never allowed to do that with your religious beliefs. No matter how much evidence comes in to the contrary, you are faithless if you stop believing certain things.

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Description: A bowling ball labelled "Reality/Truth" crashes into bowling pins labeled "Some Preciously Held Beliefs".


You are shamed and made to feel guilty if you say, “I don’t think I can believe that anymore!”

Many people experience religious trauma when they experience the changing of their religious beliefs. It's not easy.

Have you ever been called a Doubting Thomas?

There are a lot of things I no longer believe.  Especially those beliefs that support the power of the Church, its leaders, and the success of its agenda.

Question everything

Living in reality is better than living in constant cognitive dissonance. In fact, it is a happier place because your mind is more at peace.  You want peace of mind, don’t you?  Then take a deep breath, trust yourself, and take authority over your own life.


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