Your Invisible Wounds Are Real

Your Invisible Wounds Are Real

"Sophia's Back" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

Just because we can't see your wounds doesn't mean they're not real.

Many people have no idea how traumatizing changing your beliefs can be.

Many people have no idea how agonizing leaving the church can be. 

Many people have no idea how wounding spiritual abuse is either.

When someone asks me about my story and I tell them, their mouths literally fall open in disbelief. 

They cannot fathom what I experienced or what I went through. It is too foreign to them.

No wonder they can't comprehend the invisible wounds I carry in my spirit! They just don't get it.

They are fooled by my demeanor. I look and seem okay on the outside. They can't see because they cannot understand invisible wounds, especially spiritual ones.

But some do: those who experienced it too!

Have you seen in movies where a couple asks each other to explain all the scars on their bodies? 

I bet you could do that. 

If someone who really cared about you asked you about this wound, that scar, what happened there, why this here, I bet you would have amazing stories.

The thing is, you're still here! You're alive. You've survived and can explain your wounds. Some are deep. Some are just surface. But each one has a story.

These are the wounds of your spiritual battles. 

They're real. Very real. And just as valid, if not more so, than visible wounds on your body. 

I admire you for it. I really do.

Wear them as badges of honor.

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