Cartoon Commission Usage


Here's a guide to our cartoon usage options:


Personal: For use on your own personal devices, for one person only, or to use in your home or as a gift.  Not for reproduction in multiples or for distribution.


Non-Profit: Any non-profit use, including email, blogs, sermons, social media and presentations.  Perfect for youth groups and small organizations.  Cartoon can be used for presentations, signs, marches, or in their buildings, but may not be reproduced.


Profit: Acceptable for profit use, including: marketing, books, newsletters, magazines, or publications.  For businesses such as publishers or other for-profit organizations, who want to use the cartoon for display in some form or for print in books and magazines.  Cartoon may not be reproduced in order to sell.


Printing and reselling the artwork, or using the artwork on Print-on-Demand Products (ie mugs, t-shirts, etc) is not allowed under any usage option.