Counselling & Coaching

I work with people one-on-one in two different ways.

This has developed out of decades of working as a pastor. My years of theological education, personal development, spiritual direction, and pastoral counselling, has prepared me to provide you with a very caring, safe, and affirming place for you to just talk and even vent, to understand yourself better, to grow, and to progress towards your own independence, peace, and happiness. This is about personal and/or spiritual growth.

This aspect of working one-on-one with others has grown out of my own experience as a business owner. I understand the value of having a coach who inspires, motivates, advises, and encourages us in the development of our success. I have helped others launch and nurture their businesses to the point where they are enjoying success, earning money, and seeing their dreams fulfilled. This is about your creativity, your business, and making money.

Schedule a FREE discovery call with me through the form below, and we'll analyze your needs and determine an approach. Typical packages range from a once weekly meeting to a monthly check-in.

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