Deconstruction of Faith

Deconstruction, also known as faith deconstruction, deconstructing faith, evangelical deconstruction, the deconstruction movement (watch this video to see why I do not think deconstruction should be called a "movement"), or simply deconstruction, is the process in which people who follow a religion rethink their faith or previously held beliefs. 

What is deconstruction?

I know it seems overwhelming! Many fear deconstructing means being rejected by God, going to Hell, and maybe even becoming an atheist. But fear not! For what is happening is spiritual growth.

Questioning certainty and accepted truth is an often terrifying process, which I refer to as deconstruction. It’s the erosion of the beliefs we inherited and adopted. It questions our religious conditioning.

If we are comfortable with questions, we can live with mystery. If we are only happy with the answers, it's because we are afraid. It is a curious and open mind that leads to wisdom, not a decidedly closed one. That's why I love the phrase "Questions are the answer" 🔓

The Stages of Deconstruction

Here I explain Kubler-Ross' 5 stages of death and dying and compare them to the grief of going through a deconstruction of faith.

Is there a best way to deconstruct?

I created this video to respond to those who claim that there is a good and bad way to deconstruct your beliefs and your faith.

Spiritual Development Models

I've used or created different theories or models of personal or spiritual development. I finally came up with one I think is the healthiest way to think about it. The visualization of these can be very useful to understand while you are deconstructing. 

Marriage and deconstruction

The 3 Choices for your Marriage in Deconstruction. These aren't the only 3, but in my experience and observation they are the main ones. 

All my deconstruction videos

Below is a playlist of 25+ videos where I have discussed Deconstruction, either as its own topic like in the videos above or as part of an interview or conversation with someone else. I hope they help.

Deconstruction Art

I have drawn a lot of cartoons with the theme of deconstruction, here are my prints about deconstruction.