10 Reasons Why Sexual Assault Thrives in the Church

We here so many stories of sexual assault happening in the church. People used to say it was rare. But I think the internet providing a voice for so many people who never had means or methods to amplify their stories has made all the difference in the world.

Now anybody anywhere anytime can share their story of abuse or assault and be heard and maybe even see justice done!

Churches still try to sweep it under the rug. Like this cartoon:

bigger rug cartoon nakedpastor david hayward

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10 Reasons Why Sexual Assault Thrives in the Church

I think sexual assault thrives in the church for many reasons. But here are my top 10:

  1. The Bible assigns women and children as the property of men.
  2. Since men are the head of the house and all things, their needs are priority.
  3. It's biblically instituted that women are to be temptresses and stumbling blocks.
  4. Sexual sin is shameful, therefore buried and denied.
  5. It's explicit that women are to remain silent, so no reporting.
  6. Women can't be trusted, so don't believe them.
  7. Absolutely everything is to be forgiven and forgotten.
  8. Repentance fixes everything.
  9. Reconciliation with offenders is not just compulsory but noble.
  10. The church refuses to evict anyone with power.

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If this is happening or has happened to you in the church, get out now, find someone to talk to, and decide whether legal action needs to be taken.

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