10 Signs That The Church Is Narcissistic

Browsing the internet convinces me now more than ever that the church is showing signs of being narcissistic.

Not all churches, but the church in general. So I imagined this cartoon.

the church thinking about itself cartoon nakedpastor david hayward

(Click on image to get a digital download of it, or click HERE!)

Comparing the Church To A Person: Signs of Narcissistic Behavior

  1. They have a grandiose sense of self-importance.
  2. They are preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success.
  3. They believe that they are special or unique.
  4. They require constant admiration.
  5. They have a very strong sense of entitlement.
  6. They exploit others and don't respect boundaries.
  7. They lack empathy.
  8. They are envious of others or think others are envious of them.
  9. They regularly display arrogant attitudes and behaviors.
  10. They react to criticism or contrary viewpoints with condescension and anger.

Treatment For Narcissism

The treatment for narcissism is always described as long term because often the root of narcissism is a severe lack of self-worth that lie in serious difficulties with the person's pathological development.

It requires the patient to:

  • Admit they are narcissistic.
  • Seek professional help.
  • Commit to the long-term for healing.

What steps can the church take?

I think it needs to begin with local leadership and percolate throughout the rest of the local community. What are your thoughts? 

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