8 LGBTQIA Cartoons for Pride Month - Video

Why I draw LGBTQIA Cartoons

I draw a cartoon every day and many of my cartoons, not just those drawn in June, reflect on the relationship between LGBTQIA people and the Church.

I draw LGBTQIA cartoons all year round because I feel they represent the marginalized, the rejected, the ridiculed, the persecuted. This is where the battle is right now because it betrays a profound misunderstanding of what love is and what community is. It goes against the basic reality that we are all one and that we are all connected and that even though we are one, it is a multitude of diversities within that oneness.

I like drawing cartoons that on the one-hand validate and encourage and affirm those who are marginalized, and the other-hand challenge those who do the marginalizing.

That is why my cartoons arouse both hatred and gratitude. The marginalized are grateful they are being represented, defended, and that there are people working to make this world reflect the reality of oneness and love. But there are people who hate them because they think these people deserve to be rejected and excluded.

That's why I do what I do!

When people see a picture and absorb it under a second, it has a powerful impact.

It's not like they can say, "Well I didn't read it" or "I don't agree with it". They have seen it with their eyes and it's no longer just a figment of the imagination. Where Jesus is loving a gay man or where a church is rejecting a gay person or a trans person. It exposes that hatred and that divisiveness that totally goes against what we know to be true - that we are all one and that we're all deeply connected at a fundamental level.

I want these cartoons to help people see that they deserve to be seen, accepted, and loved everywhere and every day.

And here are 8 LGBTQIA cartoons for Pride Month.

1. Swinging Transgender Lamb Digital Cartoon

It takes two to play on the swing: the person who is swinging and the person who is pushing their friend to swing higher. This is true in life as well. In order to fly high and live life to the fullest, you need your support system to push you and make you smile.


2. LGBTQ Bicycle Cartoon

Life is a journey – you’re learning who you are, who you love, who you want to be one day. And for many, the journey is hard and lonely. In this cartoon, Jesus and a rainbow sheep are riding a bicycle made for two. The sheep isn’t alone and they couldn’t be more happy!


3. Rough Times in a Rough Bar Cartoon

I’ve heard so many stories about LGBTQIA people getting harassed in bars. In this cartoon, the LGBTQIA sheep sits with Jesus. They’re just trying to enjoy their drinks but the white sheep won’t leave them alone. Normally in this situation, the LGBTQIA person feels outnumbered and alone. However, Jesus is there with him through every second of it. 


4. Invite Into Our Lives Cartoon

People spend a long time considering whether or not to include LGBTQIA people. When in reality, queer people were never given a choice. Despite their hated and violence, LGBTQIA people have accepted and welcomed the straights into their lives. Do you see the irony? 


5. Images of Christ Collage Print

This collage combines 16 Images of Christ to capture the idea that there are many interpretations and reconciliations of Christ. From Christ as a woman to Christ as a refugee, the Images of Christ celebrate diversity, empathy, and inclusion. 


6. Only God Can Judge Cartoon

What happens when the megachurches lose sight of God? In this cartoon, the church is fully aware that God is not around but offers to pass judgment on the LGBTQIA sheep anyway. This cartoon points out that the types of churches that caste out and discriminate are the same churches that have lost sight of God. 


7. Yay Yay We're Here to Stay Trans Cartoon

Despite all of the hatefulness and danger to trans people in the world at the moment, these trans sheep are stopping to celebrate the ground they’ve gained. They aren’t there yet but every time a trans person is addressed with their proper pronouns and treated with the same dignity given to everybody else, the trans community gets to take a step toward inclusion and equality. 


8. Jesus Skates with the LGBTQ Sheep Cartoon

Blades of Glory takes on a new meaning in this cartoon where an LGBTQIA sheep holds Jesus in the air. It's full of movement and life and togetherness. Skating alone is no fun but, thanks to the discriminatory world we live in, some people have no choice. However, this sheep has found a friend who is always there to make them feel seen, accepted and loved. 

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