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Images of Christ - Christ Collage Print

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Do you long to see art of Christ that shows the real Christ? The Christ we don’t see in classical art? Then this is for you.

Christ Collage combines 16 Images of Christ to capture the idea that there are many interpretations and reconciliations of Christ. From Christ as a woman to Christ as a refugee, the Images of Christ celebrate diversity, empathy, and inclusion.

They are available as a collage to represent this larger theme or as individual pieces, each with its own story and meaning.

The Images of Christ series contrasts the divine idea of Christ with the marginalized people who are often locked out of ‘holy’ spaces. It asks the question: if Christ can look like them, why can’t the Church include them?

Hang Christ Collage as a call for inclusivity in both religious and secular spaces.

Watch this video to learn more about the Images of Christ series:

Print Details

  • Available in a range of sizes
  • Shipped safely to you in a postal tube
  • High-quality Giclée-style print
  • Paper: 189 GSM weight and 10.3 mil thickness