Satirical Cartoons About Purity Culture

Many people grow up being taught that God is always watching them.  No matter what you're doing, even in bed, you're being watched.

The amount of fear, guilt, and shame that produces is incredible. This fear can make it hard to enjoy intimacy or feel comfortable with our own bodies.

kind of kinky cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward



So this woman is turning it in her favor and is going to have some fun. I draw these cartoons about purity culture and sex 

challenge Purity Culture. This cartoon is titled, Kind Of Kinky. Understanding that our worth isn't tied to our sexual purity can help break free from this harmful cycle and embrace a healthier, more fulfilling approach to sexuality. I hope that these cartoons help you break free from the harmful effects of purity culture.


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Edgy. But I (we, including wife of lots of years) like it

Brent Mitchell

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