A Tribute To A Friend Who Passed Away

My friend Steve Austin died last weekend from suicide.

He was commissioning me to do some cartoons to illustrate his newest book. This one, "Let's Get Vulnerable", was the first one he approved. He loved it. I loved Steve. He was so kind, caring, affectionate, and encouraging. He helped so many of us feel better about ourselves. He was truly a good man.

let's get vulnerable cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward

Vulnerability Cartoon Description: A pastor stand before his congregation. Everyone is wearing a happy-face mask, including him. He says, "I want you all to feel free to get really vulnerable with each other."


I lost a brother to suicide a few years ago. I miss Mark every day. And every death by suicide reminds me... personally... of how important it is for me to love everyone in my life all of the time, to reach out if I'm wondering, and to provide unquestioning support because we never always know what they're going through.

Yes, let's get vulnerable. And let's mean it.

Bye Steve.

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