Why Is It Important To Be Vulnerable?

So many people see vulnerability as a weakness. As a personal failing to “keep it together”. But what they don’t see is the absolute power of vulnerability to break down barriers, connect people and help you claim your inner strength. 

This blog touches on what vulnerability is and how you can become more vulnerable. I’ll also share a drawing encouraging you to be more vulnerable. 

What does it mean to be vulnerable?

The first thing you have to know is that being vulnerable is not being weak. It’s being honest in a radical way. Being vulnerable is being able to feel your feelings and not bury them deep down or bottling them up until you have an angry outburst.  

Why Is It Important To Be Vulnerable?

Vulnerability is crucial because it paves the way for emotional growth and healing. When we allow ourselves to be vulnerable, we confront our inner fears and insecurities, which fosters self-awareness and personal development. 

By embracing vulnerability, we create a safe space to express and process our emotions, enabling emotional healing from past traumas and difficult experiences. It encourages us to be open with others, deepening connections and fostering empathy, leading to more authentic and supportive relationships. 

Vulnerability also helps us challenge negative thought patterns and overcome mental barriers, contributing to a healthier and more resilient mindset. In essence, vulnerability is the key to unlocking emotional growth and healing as it empowers us to embrace our vulnerabilities and face life's challenges with courage and authenticity. 

How to be More Vulnerable 

Like learning to paint, you have to learn the muscle memory, tools and techniques that allow you to create something beautiful. Being vulnerable takes practice, in recognizing safe spaces to be vulnerable and embracing how it feels to express that side of yourself.

The art of being vulnerable can be achieved with tools like introspection, patience, kindness and understanding (for yourself!). The final masterpiece of being vulnerable is that you start to uncover your authentic self.

A Drawing for Vulnerability 

One stage in the transformation process that we can’t skip is vulnerability. When drawing my Sophia drawing series I drew this piece, Sophia Vulnerable, because I wanted to Sophia's vulnerability more graphically. 

As she sits next to a baby seal, one of the most vulnerable animals on the planet, she is naked, exposed, and vulnerable. But there is also something very strong and courageous about her. Mysteriously, her vulnerability and her strength aren't mutually exclusive. She's beginning to learn to combine these two and embrace them both.  Sophia teaches us that, usually, we have to bare it all in order to repair it all.

(Click on the image to see the print, or click HERE!)

You’ll find that once you start being vulnerable, other people tend to find themselves responding in the same way.  So let’s make a masterpiece by painting every corner of the world with some vulnerability.

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