Affirming LGBTQ+ Puzzle Cartoon

We’re all part of the bigger picture. Puzzle pieces with unique shapes rather than uniform blocks that look the same. And the puzzle can't be completed without EVERYBODY! 🏳️‍🌈

Pride is about embracing your uniqueness, and becoming your authentic self! It's also about loving and accepting people who are different to you. Because our differences are what make us beautiful.

(Get a digital download of this cartoon by clicking on it or HERE.)

I draw and write about LGBTQ+ people because they are my friends, I love them, and I believe our world is a better place when we are all accepted for who we are and are given the same rights and privileges as everyone else.

My cartoons encourage people who are LGBTQ+ and their friends, allies, and advocates, and inspire them to keep on being who they are. They also challenge those who discriminate against them, especially on religious grounds, and I hope one day my work will help them see the light of love that they are missing out on.
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