Are You Stuck in a Theological Loop?

Jesus lived and revealed a reality.  

It wasn’t new, but it was new to his observers. Blind to it in themselves, they were so impressed by this reality and so amazed how perfectly he combined the divine and human that they elevated him to Savior status. 

When he announced it is finished, he closed a theological loop, the cycle of:

a good creation;
the Fall into sin;
then division, destruction, and death;
and the religious impulse to repair a broken relationship with God.

Can you see this cycle of... you were good, you sinned, you must suffer, you must be restored, rinse, repeat?

it is finished no it's not cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward

Cartoon description: Jesus cries out, “It is finished!” The church says, “Oh no it isn’t!”



I drew this cartoon of jesus to show that “It is finished” announced the end of this and that we are loved, forgiven, reconciled, restored, and alive.

But this cycle is only theological. Jesus assumed it. His followers translated it into an historical development. But it wasn’t. His life was a revelation and manifestation of an existing reality. 

This loop of a good beginning, falling into sin and its consequences, then being forgiven and restored, is all a theological exercise.

We are and always have been good, forgiven, reconciled, and loved. This is why Paul simply announced the good news of God’s love for, and the reconciliation of, all things. 

It seemed to be a new historical development in Jesus. Instead, Jesus was the revelation of this reality. 

However, the Church, rather than being a community reflecting this reality of good, unity, love and life, refuses to keep this circle closed because it’s to its advantage not to. It can retain its power over us only if we stay fallen, separated, and perpetually in need of forgiveness and restoration.

Step out of this loop!

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