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Jesus Eraser Print

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Many religions preach about loving others but, in reality, religion creates far more division than it does unity. Most religions adopt a mentality of conform-and-believe, or leave. Often there are no gray areas of acceptance, only strong divisive lines. 

 This cartoon (one of my most popular) speaks to a recurring theme in my work: exclusion and segregation in the name of religion. While people try to draw lines and separate and divide us into who's in and who's out, here we see Jesus going against the flow and erasing the lines. Wasn't it said that he broke down the dividing walls between us? This piece is based on the idea that positive, growth-inducing spirituality fosters unity by removing the barriers that stand between us and our understanding of others’ beliefs. 

Use this artwork to ask yourself daily - am I going to draw lines of division or erase them?

Print Details

• Available in a range of sizes
• Not matted or framed
• Shipped safely to you in a postal tube
• High-quality Giclée-style print
• Paper: 189 GSM weight and 10.3 mil thickness