Are you Suffering from Church PTSD?

Are you suffering from church PTSD? I know I did! It's wise to not underestimate the profound affects negative experiences in the church can have on you.

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There are degrees of intensity of PTSD, but PTSD is PTSD!

Not everyone who leaves the church suffers from PTSD but many do!

I remember a couple of years after I left the ministry and the church, I visited a very liberal, open church. But it was an extremely triggering experience for me. I caught myself pushing myself back into my chair as I endured the controlling, ridiculing, and shaming undertonesof the preacher's words... something most people there were probably completely oblivious to.

Now I can recognize it and manage it when I find myself in those situations. I learned how to do it. It is helpful to get therapy for it.

You can experience wholeness.
You will remember it without reliving it.
I'm a living testimony to that. 

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