Deconstruction: Afraid of Where You'll End Up

Deconstruction: Afraid of Where You'll End Up?

I hear from so many people who are deconstructing and confess their fear of where they’re going to end up. They’re experiencing massive movements of confusion and are terrified they’re going to become something that scares them… like an atheist. Or something else they’ve been warned about.

Every time I tell them the same thing: 

At every step of the way, you will be you. You’re not going anywhere. Every step you take you will take with integrity and intention, so that where you end up will be exactly where you’ve chosen to be. 

Don’t become anything! Stop becoming! That’s what deconstruction is all about. You’re stepping off of the religious treadmill that always demanded you be a certain someone and become an even better certain someone… someone they approved of.

If every day we are a new creation, why try to build ourselves into something incrementally? Stop becoming and just be!

Now you can just be you. You’re already perfect. The you that you’re afraid of becoming is already the you that you are! It’s all within you, just about to blossom. 

You’re just removing obstacles now… obstacles to the true you being made manifest. You’re removing the weeds and stones and sticks and pests so that you can just be. Remove the obstacles and there you are… free to be you and blossom in all your glory!

So, don’t be afraid. I love who you are now. I will love who you are then. 

And you wouldn’t be who you are then unless you are who you are now.

Peace, my friend.

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