Navigating Deconstruction: A Lifelong Journey of Self-Discovery

You are deconstructing because you are a pioneer of your inner frontier. Once you begin exploring yourself you realize that you will always be a pioneer because your inner frontier forever spreads out before you.

Some believe that deconstruction is like radical surgery where parts are lopped off and parts are sewn on so that you can live your new spiritual life without the bad beliefs.

marry the question cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward

A woman asks a question mark, “Will you marry me?”

Others believe that deconstruction is a difficult but amiable adjustment in beliefs to a more liberal, progressive, and open theology.

Still others believe that it is a deconversion process that ends up in atheism or another more suitable spiritual expression.

I believe that deconstruction is a way of life.

It’s because it’s a new way of thinking.

Your deconstruction is not a mistake. You are not backsliding. You are not rejecting God. You are not giving up. You are not stuck. It is the natural progression of your spiritual (inner) growth.

What is deconstruction at its essence?

I claim it is you doubting and questioning your conditioning.

You’ve been conditioned to believe in certain things and behave in certain ways. 

You must always question this. You must always question the conditioning you are constantly bombarded with. You must always doubt what you’re told to believe and how to behave.

This explains why some people wonder why you are stuck deconstructing. They think you need to just get over it and move on. 

They don’t realize you’ve embarked on a pilgrimage of personal growth. From beginning to end you are on a journey of integration and individuation.

This should never end.

Because deconstruction is a way of life!

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