Don't Believe the Limiting Beliefs of Others

It’s one thing to overcome your own limiting beliefs about yourself.
It’s another to overcome the limiting beliefs others have about you.

but i can fly cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward


When I left the ministry in 2010 that I had a lot to learn about myself… my gifts, my skills, my talents, my creativity, my business acumen and money smarts. It was like the university of life. I had to adapt quickly to the real world. I had to deal with my inner demons, voices, and the limiting beliefs about myself in order to graduate.

But I did!

However, I still have to deal with the limiting beliefs of others. No matter how self-aware or confident you are, there will always be others who will try to pull you down. For me it’s been going on a long time and I predict it will never end. My High School guidance counselor told me to get a job because I wouldn’t succeed in higher education. So I got my B.A. and then honors in my Masters, another degree in Religion and Ministry and more.

I was told that I wouldn’t do well in ministry. So I pastored many churches and planted two brand new churches. When I left the ministry I was told I would disappear and my ministry was over. Instead I’ve grown nakedpastor so that it’s known around the world and my “ministry” helps thousands of people every day around the globe every day.

I’m doing what many told me is impossible. And I’m not done yet!

Neither are you!

Not only can you swim. 
You can fly!

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