Liberation from Guilt in the Journey of Deconstruction

This isn't about sex. But it includes it. It's about joy, pleasure, and happiness.

One of the things many people must wrestle with who are deconstructing their beliefs and finding their independence from the church is that it's okay not only to be happy but to seek it.

The guilt many people I talk with feel for just wanting to be happy is incredible.

"Enjoying Sex Too Much" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

Cartoon Description: A couple is having sex in bed. They look surprised when God shows up looking at a watch and says, "Okay you two, it's time you wrap this up. I think you're enjoying it too much!"

We've been taught to not meet our own needs, never mind our wants. We are to always serve others before ourselves. To want to be happy, to enjoy life, and experience pleasure, is selfish and dishonoring to God. We are to seek first the kingdom and everything else falls behind.

Instead, I encourage people to be happy. To enjoy pleasure. To experience the fulness of life. 

Without fail, when they do this, they discover that they are not only more inclined to help others but are more equipped to do so.

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