Exposing Sexual Harassment and Assault in Spiritual Leadership

This pastor now has a rug under which he can sweep all allegations of sexual harassment and assault.

Things like: never publicly alone with a woman, money set aside for settlements, NDAs, liability insurance, appearance of accountability, denial, a blind board, a seamless reputation, and the dismissal of all concerned individuals.

sexual harassment and assault allegations survival kit cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward


I know what happens when spiritual leaders with any or all of these are accused of abuse. Not only do you have to deal with their outrage, but also the ferocious wrath of their support and fans.

It's never pretty, but always dangerous and destructive to those who bring it to light.

Some insist this is rare. It's not.

We're hearing more and more about it, not because it's happening more, but because more women are talking about it and exposing the insidious prevalence of it.

And I support them.

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