Have You Struggled With Losing Church Friends?

This cartoon about the pain of losing church friends is titled Holy Ghosted. I love the humor in the name but for many of us, being ghosted by a community we were so invested in and loved is no laughing matter.

It does hurt.

holy ghosted cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward

(If you want a download of this cartoon, click on the image, or HERE.)

A man and a woman sit at a table drinking their coffees (or teas). The man says, "I just don't understand it. We leave the church and we never hear from any of our so-called 'friends' again. It's like we never even existed!" She responds, "I guess you could say we were Holy Ghosted!"


Wow, do I have some stories! Okay, I'll tell you one. I planted a church for a big-time international ministry. When the leader who hired me to plant the church decided he didn't like me anymore, he fired me. The next Sunday I had to go to the church when it was opened in order to pick up some things I'd left there. People were already gathered. Seriously... when I walked in, up the aisle, gathered my things, and walked back out, not a person said a thing to me. They never even looked at me. It literally felt like I was a ghost. And, well, to them I was. In fact, I was a demonic one apparently. Literally ghosted.

It's happened many other times too by people I genuinely thought were lifelong friends. So strange! Weird. But, ghost stories are weird.

Have you been ghosted?

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Oh yeah, that is totally familiar, and I was the pastor. I didn’t even get invited to a major anniversary of the church that happened a few years later.


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