How to Get a Kick out of Church

"How to Get a Kick out of Church" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

Kick Out of Church

Whenever I post something like this, inevitably someone will say, “Not my church!”

Some will insist that in their church they’re allowed to ask questions and to question their faith.

But, I would like to ask, how deeply? What kinds of questions?

I know it’s okay to ask questions like, “How long did God take to create the earth?” “Is there a Hell?” “How can I be saved?” “When was Matthew written?” and so on.

But are you allowed to ask, “How can we believe in a God when there’s no proof?” “How do I know that religion isn’t some grand scheme to keep me under control?” “What’s wrong with being a Muslim?” “Is the Bible really inspired or is it just a collection of special documents written by men over 2,000 years ago?”

Some questions are superficial.

Others challenge the foundations.

There’s a difference.

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