The Fear in Loving Sinners

In this cartoon Jesus freaks out his disciples. The disciples are freaking out in this cartoon they know the risks of loving people, respecting their personal freedom, and treating them with dignity.

Because if you're a sinner, the religious authorities and their followers believe you need to make yourself loveable, and they do this by trying to control you and by treating you like they think you deserve until you've earned respect and live in what they believe is dignified.

jesus freaks out his disciples cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward

(Get a download of this cartoon by clicking on it, or HERE.)

When I look closely at the life of Jesus portrayed in the gospels, I think his number one priority was personal freedom over the group. Which is why he always got into trouble and the disciples instinctively knew this.

Just do it on your social media or blog or wherever you express yourself. Do what Jesus does in this cartoon and see how long you can get away with it before someone speaks up to correct you.

I mean, this is almost always what gets me into trouble.
But it won't stop me.
And it won't stop you either. Will it!?

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