The Irony of Intolerance: Misinterpreting the Message of Jesus

You'd think some people actually do this.

They take the beautiful basic message of love and some of the most lovely sayings of Jesus and twist them all into their total opposites.

They say their hate is actually an expression of love.
They say their regulations are actually required by grace.
They say their rigidity is actually a form of care.
They say their fundamentalism is actually the painful truth.
They say their violence is for the establishment of peace.
They say their bullying is biblical evangelism.

Your resistance to all of this is seen as your resistance to the gospel and to Jesus himself. Then they dial it up and intensify their efforts and things get worse.

When they see their efforts to convert you are in vain, in one more final biblical gesture, they express divine wrath and depart, shaking the dust off their feet and consigning you to the Evil One and his Hell.

In other words, they prey on you.
Like wolves do sheep.

I know it's hard to let this not affect you. I know it's hard for me sometimes. But be comforted in the fact that they're wrong.

Just like your gut is telling you.

sheep among wolves among sheep cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward

Description: Jesus says to his disciples, "I send you out as sheep among wolves." One of them says to another, "I'm going to take that to mean he's sending us out as wolves among sheep."


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This article was helpful, I’m able to feel better at telling the; difference between people who genuinely care…. and those who don’t genuinely care about me


I love your sense of humor for events that are really horrific! I know we are few people that can see it in this way, even though it’s important to talk about it and express how we feel when this things happens! Thank you pastor for be the voice of who can´t speak!


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