Embracing Doubt: A Path to Growth

We all have beliefs.
We all have questions.

Sometimes we don't realize they are intricately bound together. 

Like doubt. It isn't the opposite of faith, but its shadow.

Questions are the shadow of belief.


"My Beliefs My Questions" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

(Click on image for a digital download or click HERE!)

There are two aspects to this cartoon.

One is that we might appear certain and confident in our beliefs. There's a lot of pressure to do that from our family, friends, and the church.

But beneath this show of certainty and confidence are a ton of questions. There's a lot of pressure to hide those from our family, friends, and the church.

Many hide these questions even from themselves because it's frightening to doubt. 

But, like I assure all those who are deconstructing... questioning their beliefs or losing their faith as they knew it... this is actually a healthy and necessary development in our growth. It is NOT backsliding or sinning to question.

It's a part of growing up!

Maturity is being able to maintain poise in the midst of mystery. It is wisdom to let the mind rest in uncertainty. 

Own, embrace, and love your doubt and your questions. They are your good companions on your journey to peace of mind.


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