My Manifesto for Spiritual Independence

What launches you on your own spiritual journey and separates you from others is the simple but revolutionary act of asking a question.

The question is what separates you from accepted doctrine. Before, you were entangled and in a codependent relationship with a theology. But raising a question expresses your doubt in its truth claims.

This is where deconstruction begins.

Once you accomplish this first daring step, you are on your way to spiritual independence.

questions raised cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward

Cartoon description: While one man is anchored to the ground tied to a stone exclamation mark, another man rises into the air holding on to a huge balloon shaped like a question mark.


I wrote this manifesto for my intimate online community of questioners, TheLastingSupper dot com (you’re welcome to join), to articulate our unique journeys and our spiritual independence.

You can use this if you want.

My Manifesto For Spiritual Independence

1. I am free. I always have been. I always will be.
2. I have the right to ask questions as a way to become wise. 
3. It is my right and responsibility to find my own spiritual path.
4. It is my duty to myself and others to remove the log from my own eye first.
5. I take care of myself before I care about labels or what others call me.
6. It is necessary for me to be true to myself before being true to a community. 
7. I recognize my roots but will not allow them to prevent me from changing. 
8. I embrace my unique spirituality and will let my light shine for others. 
9. I take charge of my life and will live it wisely, compassionately, and joyfully.
10. I am spiritually independent!

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