Pretend to Be Friends

pretend to be friends cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward

Seggsy Sunday and Pride Month combine to bring you this cartoon.

Many LGBTQIA friends and followers requested representation in my seggsy Sunday cartoons.

But I was reluctant because I feel their intimate sexual lives is NOT my lane.

I see so many people, businesses, and institutions take advantage of the LGBTQIA+ community, and I will not participate in that. Exploiting, for example, gay- or trans- or bi- or whatever- sex for profit or popularity is vulgar and cruel, and I refuse to play that game. The fetishization of the private sex lives of my LGBTQIA+ friends is not cool.

Also... and I will be vulnerable here... I was sexually assaulted by an older teenager when I was a kid, and also by an older man when I was a teenager. So imagery of men enjoying sex together is something I don't want to imagine or draw. I wish it wasn't so, because it is a perfectly valid expression of genuine love. But there it is. For me. For now. I'm working on it.

All that being said, my friends persuaded me that they trusted me and urged me to draw some for them.

Here it is, with two women.

I personally know many people who have experienced this.


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