Questioning Your Beliefs Can Be Scary

Questioning Your Beliefs Can Be Scary

"Questions can be Scary" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

Questioning your beliefs can be scary.


It's not just like not believing in Santa or the Tooth Fairy or Unicorns.

Our beliefs about God, etcetera, are deeply enmeshed with the meaning of life and our reason for living.

Our beliefs mean everything to us. They are life itself!

And to question those means to question everything.

Don't let others... or yourself!... shame you for feeling afraid. This is real!

I talk with people every day who wrestle with this fear. It's real.

This is why I offer resources and help in this area. My main two are:

  1. My books, especially "Questions are the Answer" on Amazon, and
  2. ... my online community of questioners.

I encourage people to let the questions come. Don't deflect them. Don't ignore them. Let them live with you. You'll get used to them and, maybe like me, you'll find peace of mind in spite of them... in fact, because of them!

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