Tattoos, Purity Culture, and Custom NakedPastor Tattoos

I’ve been creating one-of-a-kind tattoos for a few years now and it's got me thinking a lot about tattoos as a way of defying the purity culture many of us have been forced to endure.

You might already know this but there’s only one verse in the whole bible explicitly prohibiting tattoos (the verse is Leviticus 19:29 if you want to look it up). This verse is used to arm religious leaders and people to limit our independence, self-determination, and bodily autonomy.

Here are my thoughts on tattoos, particularly the kind I design, and purity culture.

Purity Culture Meets Control

As I’ve claimed before, I think the core of Purity Culture is the patriarchal ambition to control every aspect of our lives.

Near the core of it is the religious desire to control people’s bodies. Especially women’s bodies. I’ve known men to get tattoos and cause a bit of a stir.

But when a woman gets a tattoo, the stir elevates to a whole different level. I think tattoos are an expression of independence. Even defiance sometimes. Again, it’s one thing for a man to be independent and defy authority, the herd, and the norms. It’s a whole other level of concern when a woman does.

My Tattoo Story

Personally, I have never felt the need or desire to get a tattoo. In fact, I have a curious story to share with you.

Years ago I was at a conference. The kind of conference where they prayed for miracles, laid hands on people, and even prophesied. One person said that God wanted me to know that I didn’t need to get a tattoo because I was the tattoo. I didn’t need a symbol expressing my independence or radicalness, because my independence and radicalness would be evidence enough.

Fine. I didn’t want a tattoo anyway.

But underneath a lot of religious concern about tattoos is its need to control our bodies and every aspect of our lives.

NakedPastor Tattoos

Now you know what I think of tattoos and purity culture. Let me tell you about the tattoos I design.

I’ve created custom tattoo drawings for so many people who want their stories told in ink. I love hearing their stories and the life events that each tattoo represents.

If you like an existing NakedPastor artwork, you can simply buy a license to use that artwork. Just go to this page and select ‘Existing’.

How to Order a NakedPastor Custom Tattoo

If you want a tattoo as one-of-a-kind as you are, here’s how to do it:

  1. Head to the Commission page on my website and click on Tattoo Design Commission.
  2. Select ‘Custom’ and head to check out.
  3. After checking out, you’ll get a chance to describe the tattoo you want.
  4. I’ll draw or paint the design just for you and email it over.

With an original design, I provide the basic sketch and you are at liberty with your skilled tattoo artist to refine it to your liking.

Here are a few NakedPastor tattoos I love:


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