The Art Of Finding Yourself After Leaving Your Religion

When your religion does not honor the work of art that you are or makes you believe that parts of yourself are ugly, it might be time to hit the road. Harsh but true.

It’s not selfish, it’s survival.

This is Timber "I Needed to Leave" and it's a watercolor about how leaving your religion is not easy. You have to knock down and take apart your entire foundation and support structure.

This drawing, Sophia "Deconstruction" is about destroying and removing the things that are holding you back.

You have to throw out what you don’t believe in, dust off and polish what you do believe in, and then rebuild it all over again (or just bask in the joy of being human without reconstructing). It makes perfect sense that you may feel a bit wobbly, shaken and stirred, during and after this process.When you leave your religion, it may feel like your whole structure has crumbled and your picture of the world has been erased. Resculpting your sense of self, redrawing reality, and rebuilding a life that you truly love is an art that takes time. 

But, be patient with yourself and know this: just like Sophia in the drawing above, you will emerge from this metamorphosis, stronger and more beautiful than ever.

When you’re
leaving your religion, it’s natural to feel isolated. It can be a lonesome journey. Some of your church friends may distance themselves from you, but your real friends (churchy or not) will be there for you, like lanterns on your path.

Despite how alone you may feel in the darkness of unknowing, the moon will still shine and the sun will rise again. You may be tempted to stop or give in before you have answered your own questions, but you must keep moving and growing. 

And when you find the truth that you know in your bones to be true, you will feel the light inside. The same light that is between, amongst, and within - the light that conjoins all things. Your heart will shine and you will understand that you carry as much splendor as the night sky with all its stars.

One day after leaving the church, you will finally experience true freedom. You will feel light. Freedom will raise you above the opinions and expectations of others and allow you to see the bigger picture. 

And what a picture!

This last artwork is called Sophia "Rising" which is exactly what you'll do next. 

Up, up, up to the metaphorical moon you’ll go. So close that you will reflect light and be it at the same time. You will be restored to the work of art that you were created to be.


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