Behind the Sermon: The Hidden Struggles of Pastors

If anyone out there is a pastor who is struggling with the ministry, or has in the past and has left already, you totally get this image!

pastor and closing time cartoon nakedpastor david hayward

(Click on the image or HERE for a digital download of it.)

Even though I left the ministry in 2010, it's still very fresh to me.

Yes, I had my fair share of alcohol.
Yes, I longed for people like this bartender who wold hear my story without judgment‚ who would just listen for a change.
Yes, I remember dreading the coming service wondering how I was going to navigate through the danger zones of belief and expectations and protocol and order and roles and my own inner turmoil.

There's a lot of sadness there.

So, yes, I care for pastors, ministers, priests, rabbis, imams‚ all those who care for their people. I was in it for about 30 years. It was a tough gig.

When I left it was time for me to go. I'm now enjoying my life and what I'm doing with it. Yes, it's totally possible!

Are you a struggling pastor? 

I know from experience that you can do this!

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