the high risk of going to church

"Church Sharks" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward Not all sharks are man eaters. Neither are all churches. But the risks are real. Something is becoming more clear to me about what I care about and what I do. It's about unity. I have a fundamental conviction that we are all united at an essential level. Even though we may manifest a diversity of differences, this does not mean we cannot gather in communities together. People have the right to identify with a certain religion. But can people do that without the restrictions that their religion often imposes? Can we be a part of a church community, or any community, without having to surrender our own autonomy and freedom? My cartoons, I'm beginning to realize, mostly circle around this whole issue by challenging those things that undermine and offend our essential unity and try to rob us of our independence. I suppose this is the age old question: How can I be free without violating the freedom of others? This is the kind of struggle we happily engage at The Lasting Supper. Join us! BUY THIS CARTOON ORIGINAL OR PRINT!
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